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Bombs away
By LFF on Jul 16, 2006
6 / 10 - 2 review(s).
Easy difficulty - 2 opinion(s).
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Category: Eets Puzzle
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LFF says:
My first level. A few slightly different ways to do this level.


miracle monkey
7 35
17 204
miracle monkey
   "I don't have any answers. I just ask questions."
Fun:    Difficulty: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:47 am
A first attempt at a level. The fun comes from finding how many different ways you can solve it since you can theoretically do nothing to beat the level.

49 750
201 845
   "Puzzle Optimiser"
Fun:    Difficulty: Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:23 pm
It feels a bit odd to just press play, and see the puzzle solve itself.

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