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  You've been missed    Sep 27, 2008
come back im so lonely

  Make more puzzles    Aug 24, 2008
Dude you really need to make more levels.... OR ELSE!!!!

  Thank you!    Feb 29, 2008
Takk for tipset for banen min! Thanks for the tip to my map!

  Thank you!    Dec 13, 2007
Thanks for commenting on my puzzles positivly,Is there a kind of friend list in this website?

  Thank you!    Sep 15, 2007
Thanks for all the tips!!

  Great Puzzle!    Sep 6, 2007
I really loved the Puzzle you made. They great to play ! :D

  Thank you!    Aug 8, 2007
Thank you from saving me from the clutches of the Marshomech!

  Make more puzzles    Jul 3, 2007
I know life is busy, but I can't wait for more Puzzles from you! Life sure must be tough being a talented level maker.

  Thank you!    May 6, 2007
Thank you much for the goodies and expressions of missing my activity in the community. I know that I haven't been active --things have been hectic. We've recently moved to a new home, I have been busy with the move, doing some plumbing, being a father and breaking in the grill. Sadly, I haven't made any new levels in the process. I did purchase Eets Chowdown for my xbox 360 though. I can just play a puzzle now and again when I have the time. While it lacks the level editor/community, it does make me feel a bit closer, somehow, to this great little community :). Miss you and the rest of the gang, be sure to pass on my regards. Maybe I'll make a triumphant re-entry, puzzle in tow -- who knows what the future holds? :)

  Thank you!    May 5, 2007
Thanks for the Workaround Solution Goodie and the More Puzzles Request ! I have a couple puzzles on the go but Just want iron out a few bugs !

  You're cool!    May 5, 2007
Kudos for the Balloon Mallow in Cave In. You were quite right :)

  Thank you!    Mar 16, 2007
Thank's I thought it was about time I got an Avatar. I can never work out what yours is ? Is it some kinda bug ?

  You're cool!    Mar 7, 2007
Glad you had a laugh with the replay! Isnt it really ridiculous?After a lot of tries,when I finally made eets reach the puzzle shard,that happens!I just stared there at the screen with my mouth open for a few seconds(ah,crap!). Btw,you like my fish(lol)?I just thought it funny the fact that he had dynamite in his mouth ready to blow up,I didnt search for many avatars. But what exactly is your avatar?I think its only 2 leafs and a glass of wine,but I'm not sure.One leaf looks like a bug sometimes(?!) :)

  Great solution    Mar 6, 2007
hey i updated the puzzle!

  You're cool!    Mar 3, 2007
I'm thrilled that someone took the time to tinker with my puzzles and give some feedback -- in my book, aiding newbies is about the most awesome thing anyone can do. Happy eeting!

  Thank you!    Feb 28, 2007
Of course I ALSO like puzzles like that,when they are clever and fun; did I say something that made you think completly otherwise? :) But for replays, you know the kind of stuff I have fun with ;)

  Thank you!    Feb 22, 2007
And this is for all kind of support to me and the community!

  Make more puzzles    Feb 22, 2007
Seriously, I would like to see more from you!

  You're cool!    Feb 22, 2007
And this is your special cookie :P ;)

  Great solution    Feb 22, 2007
Really, I usually forget about the goodies! But this is for "Bouncy Marshomech Ha!" (very cool). I should give you a lot more because of your old replays, but then I would not leave the keyboard :mrgreen:

  Thank you!    Feb 6, 2007
Thanks, Lillarion, it did.

  You're cool!    Feb 4, 2007
thank you sir :]

  Make more puzzles    Jan 26, 2007
Well, you're a very good puzzle maker too, and I would love to see some more puzzles from you David!!!

  Great Puzzle!    Jan 24, 2007
I'm getting spellbound the more I explore your puzzles! more plaese, I'm hungry(am I emotional?!) ;)

  You're cool!    Jan 23, 2007
Its about time you receive a cookie from me,and because,of course,you're cool. About "Marshomech my friend":i guess you have to make the explosion at the right time,its not really about the ginseng. Eets will then turn around making that specific little way,you know,and when he reaches the hole it happens a variation where he almost falls(which usually doesnt happen),and the ginseng assures that he will.I dont know,i could be wrong and it could be random,i didnt tried it enough times.Anyway,i dont think its really a trivial solution,since he usually doesnt fall,and its fine the possibility of a NS. Of course,its up to you ;)

  Thank you!    Jan 18, 2007
I know it's been awhile, but thank you for teaching me how to put items outside the map. Speaking of that, I was hoping for your thoughts on my latest puzzle. The others didn't think it was to hot, I'm wondering if you agree.

  Thank you!    Jan 5, 2007
Thank you!

  Great Puzzle!    Jan 5, 2007
P. Eating is so well defended! Great job being so thorough. Frusterating yes, but I enjoyed the challenge.

  Great Puzzle!    Dec 31, 2006
I'm really enjoying the Spiky Trap series, it's getting better & better. No doubt those are great puzzles :)

  Great solution    Dec 30, 2006
Haha! That's a cool replay. I tried it myself after watching. 'twas fun :D Keep up the good work!

  Thank you!    Dec 29, 2006
Thank man. It's getting harder and harder to find new things... plus I'm getting really sick so I'll keep checking back cuz I love this community more than I love the game and that's saying a lot. I'm trying to make one puzzle a day at least. The reviews make it worth it. I just wish more people left comments... Thanks again!

  Thank you!    Dec 26, 2006
Thank you for all of your positive support! It means a lot to me! :D

  Make more puzzles    Dec 22, 2006
Almost all of your puzzles are extremely fun & challenging. You really should make more puzzles :)

  Thank you!    Dec 5, 2006
Thanks for the Birthday Goodie! It's been a good year :)

  Great solution    Nov 24, 2006
Great suggestion on placing 'useless' items in places that will prevent trivial solutions!

  Thank you!    Nov 22, 2006
Just wanted to give you a goodie for continually coming back to our community! Thanks for the continued support!

  Great solution    Oct 28, 2006
When I saw your Up and In fun friction replay, I was absolutely amazed. You're very much deserving of a goodie!

  Great Puzzle!    Oct 26, 2006
You derserve a goodie for finding that trick with your sneaky angle level. You even know more tricks than we do!

  Great solution    Oct 18, 2006
This goodie is more about Great Solutions (plural). Thanks for the awesome replays! They give us a good laugh during the work day and encourage us to make more innovative and fun games

  Great solution    Oct 5, 2006
And just when I thought there were no more optimal solutions, you go and find more...again!

  Thank you!    Oct 2, 2006
Thank you for your replays and your goodie,my first goodie:)

  Great Puzzle!    Sep 28, 2006
insane cart delivery realy is great one keep on making great puzzles dude...

  You've been missed    Sep 23, 2006
where are you

  You're cool!    Sep 19, 2006
I love your Puzzles, and Your Solutions ro some puzzles i have never imagined. Keep it up!

  Cute profile    Sep 16, 2006
can you be my friend

  Great solution    Sep 2, 2006
Mecha Bob
I was amazed by your solutions to my puzzle. I was almost certain that there wouldn't be any unintended solutions, but you proved me completely wrong!

  Great solution    Sep 1, 2006
I can't believe you actually used the star to get ninja skillz in Fine Divide!

  Great Puzzle!    Aug 29, 2006
Richard Thomas
I enjoyed Marshomech's Agility. Keep it up.

  You're funny    Aug 23, 2006
I gotta build more puzzles that stump you!

  Great solution    Aug 23, 2006
After seeing all those insane puzzle solutions... 'WOW' is all I have to say to them!

  Great solution    Aug 18, 2006
Your replay was just Great! Thanks for the show ^^. I never thought Anyone could do something like that ^^

  Great Puzzle!    Aug 15, 2006
"Bouncy Bob" Must have took you ages to make. Well done!

  Great solution    Aug 14, 2006
I just realized that after seeing your 'Happy to Explode' official solution a while back I never got a chance to rate it, nor give you a goodie for the solution. Both are resolved now :)

  You've been missed    Aug 7, 2006
miracle monkey
I'm glad you're back, things have been hectic around here recently.

  You've been missed    Jul 29, 2006
I hope you're having a great holiday! We all miss you :)

  You've been missed    Jun 27, 2006
See you when you come back!

  Great Puzzle!    Jun 22, 2006
You're "walking on stars" Level is DA BOMB!!!

  You're cool!    Jun 16, 2006
Thanks for all the puzzlish help and happy b-day from your favourite molkmizzle ;) .

  You're cool!    Jun 10, 2006
The Eets Ninjas & CheesyRamen proudly celebrate your birthday with an Eets Goodie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  You're cool!    Jun 9, 2006
It's your birthday! Thus, you're cool. Happy 24th!

  Make more puzzles    Jun 8, 2006
I know life is busy, but I can't wait for more Puzzles from you! Life sure must be tough being a talented level maker.

  Great Puzzle!    Jun 6, 2006
Great job on making the Gravity Control puzzle, with Ginseng Lobbing! Probably one of the hardest Puzzles I've played so far...

  Thank you!    Jun 2, 2006
Thank you from saving me for helping me test out my lvl =)

  Great solution    May 27, 2006
miracle monkey
You found the original young grasshopper solution. I think you deserve a "great solution" much more more than me.

  Thank you!    May 20, 2006
Thanks for being such a huge fan of Eets! It's really been great having you around, and I appreciate all the feedback you've given us.

  You're cool!    May 19, 2006
You're probably the best Eets player out there!