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ItsaChris says: With 3 "real" ways (and one fake)

Try to find all 3!

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ItsaChris says: So far I have found 2 ways to complete this level.

it is a hard level. placement need to be dead on with one of the objects for the level to be completed.

Update 1.1
-transporter glitch fix
-no longer hits you Eet knocking him off.

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ItsaChris says: Happy Sad Mad this puzzle can be solved 3 different ways. One you will need to be happy. one mad and one you will not need to use any pills at all!

Only the Happy solution shown. I could post all three but I think you can figure them out =)

Let me know how the puzzles are so far.

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ItsaChris says: 1st puzzle uploaded!

Dose not work.!.!

It works just fine in map maker but not when I go to play... working on it...

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RedButtler says: v1.7
- Following Lillarion's suggestion - removed exploding marshmallow.
- Also fixed some distances Very Happy

Still - there might be other solutions other than the official one.

I criticised Trashman on their puzzle today, so I thought it would be incorrect to do so, unless I also submit a work of mine in return.

My philosophy is to give the player as much freedom to choose a course of action, as possible, while leaving only one true route to the puzzle.

This also means, apart from limiting structure (platforms or solid obstacles, guiding Eets' path), adding excess tools, to increase player's perception of seemingly possible routes to the Prize-puzzle.

In that sense, I found many levels from Eets easy, because more or less Eets' path to the Prize was visible when "reversing" Eets' moves back from the Prize (see comment on Wrath of the Sun God II to Trashman) or when thinking how events will unfold. Moreover, I also found my stock of available items giving me hints on what is the right path.

So, I came up with Red1.5. I tried to avoid excess structure and available items to give hints to the one and only right path to success.

That is why, you are free to chose your path to the Prize, although there should be only one right path (the path in the solution Very Happy) and that you have excess stock of available items. Also, bear in mind that you should be very careful in placing the items on the level, because every pixel counts, although I am afraid this might turn out very frustrating. Lastly, I did not have time to tweak the level to the full. Although I spent 4 hrs tinkering it might be possible that there is a solution, other than the official one.

Enough of hints. This is a very basic puzzle and I am afraid that you will see the solution way too quickly.

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Trashware says: WRATH OF THE SUN GOD (part II)

Having fled the hordes of Marshmellow warriors the Sun God had set loose upon him, Eets hides away in the caverns of the Forbidden Desert. Could this be the way back home?
Well, maybe eventually, so why not give it a try.. By the way, the way back just collapsed anyway.

Eets continues his way but woe is him, some mean looking warriors are blocking his path! Looks like he'll need some creative thinking to get past these guys...

Part II, to be continued..

Part I over here: http://community.eetsgame.com/levelinfo.php?t=2322

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alwbsok says: The name says it all, unfortunately.

The puzzle and solution are... inelegant.

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No creator comments!

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Trashware says: WRATH OF THE SUNGOD (part I)

This story is about what happens when Gods get angry. Or bored. Or maybe both.

It all begins on a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon when our hero Eets decides to take a scenic stroll out in the desert. Enjoying the sunshine perhaps a bit too much his mind wonders off and soon he finds himself lost.

Suddenly a awecommending voice starts to speak from out of the skies going: 'WHOEVER ENTERS THE FORBIDDEN DOMAIN OF THE SUNGOD (that's me) SHALL HAVE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES'

The sky cracks open and the enemies make their entrance. Foul mechanical creatures smelling like marshmellows are now all over the place ready to deal your punishment. Now what, Eets?

Part I, to be continued..

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keepleft says: Just for fun.

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keepleft says: Timing is vital.

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Frohman says: The good smoreland. (just enjoy the nature)

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