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Want to view a wacky solution, an awesome trick, or just want something to watch, you've come to the right place! Here are a whole bunch of replays recorded by fans and Eets staff alike.

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1 review(s)
Downloaded by 690 Eets player(s)
Lillarion says: Pretty cool solution where I solve the puzzle without four of the items.

1 review(s)
Downloaded by 568 Eets player(s)
Lillarion says: A bit crazy, but it works...

1 review(s)
Downloaded by 583 Eets player(s)
BigFoot says: Don't you hate it when you're like one pixel away from completing a puzzle?

This was one of my test plays of Upward. As you can see, it's not the final version of the puzzle.

1 review(s)
Downloaded by 473 Eets player(s)
penguin1357 says: After being shot out of the second whale's mouth Eets turns when coming down.

3 review(s)
Downloaded by 705 Eets player(s)
No creator comments!

2 review(s)
Downloaded by 628 Eets player(s)
miracle monkey says: The path the robot lords don't want you to know about - ninja skillz

2 review(s)
Downloaded by 691 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: The Robot Lords have actually FALLEN...

Similar to the official solution. But not quite. (And this one isn't click heavy)

4 review(s)
Downloaded by 855 Eets player(s)
CheesyRamen says: The beginning of the Eets story. Once upon a time, Eets was a creature afraid of everything. Then Eets tasted marshmallows for the very first time . . .

2 review(s)
Downloaded by 819 Eets player(s)
cubed05 says: It's Eets... As Indiana Jones! I advise either turning the speed on highest, or lowest.

2 review(s)
Downloaded by 732 Eets player(s)
cubed05 says: One of the best things about level editors is finding and abusing all the qwirks to make interesting and cool levels. I didn't really get much done with this replay though.

4 review(s)
Downloaded by 614 Eets player(s)
miracle monkey says: A young grasshopper for upwards. Not sure this was what Bigfoot had in mind when he challenged us to not use all the items as it is very similar to the actual solution.

2 review(s)
Downloaded by 576 Eets player(s)
BigFoot says: This is my solution with 4 items left over! Actually, I like the official solution a lot more than my own Wink

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