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Want to view a wacky solution, an awesome trick, or just want something to watch, you've come to the right place! Here are a whole bunch of replays recorded by fans and Eets staff alike.

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1 review(s)
Downloaded by 548 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: Walking on grass...

I knew what to do, just not how to get it to work (not using two items)

Then I rembered that even if the item falls behind eets in that position, eets falls forwards, the backwards way :/

2 review(s)
Downloaded by 673 Eets player(s)
miracle monkey says: Young Grasshopper solution. This is different from Lillarion's YG solution so I thought it would be interesting to put up.

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Downloaded by 727 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: The ninja solution to this level ;)

Do not view this file if you want to become a true ninja and have not found the ninja solution yourself

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Downloaded by 518 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: The Young Grasshoper solution to Star Cushion. (For those who can't see how it can be done)

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Downloaded by 557 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: The no items placed solution for Cart Me Up. (For those who don't see how it can be done)

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Downloaded by 620 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: True Whale Ninjitsu

Behold, NO buds used at all

I saw this solution just by seeing the gap and the whales... Pixel Placement prevails!

1 review(s)
Downloaded by 605 Eets player(s)
molkmizzle says: The original solution of "Budless" that actually nobody figured out. Oo

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Downloaded by 527 Eets player(s)
Drgamer says: First non-Klei Entertainment staff Replay Smile
One item used! Watch the amazing 'machine gun'

I didn't save my first replay and couldn't recreate it. The chips did a circle, and for some reason I can't get that again...

But it did take awhile to get the timing right for this (Delay IS needed)

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Downloaded by 642 Eets player(s)
BigFoot says: Here's my solution to CheesyRamen's Anniversary puzzle!

3 review(s)
Downloaded by 617 Eets player(s)
CheesyRamen says: A replay of Molkmizzle's Puzzle where I use all the carts to bounce Eets into the Puzzle Piece! Smile

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