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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:47 am
We'd love to hear your feedback! Thoughts? Very Happy
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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:54 am
Brilliant game and one of the best titles to hit XBLA. Why? For two reasons.

1)The single player is absolutely brilliant. Some of the puzzles have had me racking my brains for ages trying to work out how to complete them. Other levles have had me thinking of ways to do levels with 3 items in the box for that lovely achievement. Some of them I've gone back to try and do in a quicker time. It's that replayability factor and with the leaderboards, you've hit the nail on the head for me.

The graphics are superb and are a joy to look at. I still laugh every time I forget to put a static light down and little Eets falls to his doom. Character design is brilliant, level design is brilliant - the whole game is just one big refreshment to arcade to finally have an awesome puzzle game on the list!

2) Marsho Madness is one of the most addictive modes I've played in a while. Sure, there are more "actiony" games out there which I will play more than this, but I like playing this when I want a break from that puzzle I can't solve. It's hard, it's fun and it's slightly nerveracking at times.

The only REAL fault I can place with the game is this. I have never used hints or solutions - it's what a puzzle game is about. So I'm working my way through the game for about an hour when my friend private chats me and says he's got the "Kaboom Desert" achievement within about 30 minutes of play by using solutions and then copying them.

I have no problem with hints or solutions in the fact they are there. But they should HEAVILY hit your score in my opinion. If you use a hint, maybe a small deduction would do BUT if you use the solution your score should at the very least half.

Leaderboards are about how good people are at the game. The game is about enjoyment and puzzle solving. The point deduction might put people off using it more. It's there for a good reason but it's being abused.

What this game really needs is fantastic DLC support. A few gamerpics and themes of great quality would be nice but what we really need is the level editor, and maybe the ability to share replays and levels. That way, if it's possible to be done, the replayability factor increases evermore and adds some interesting new additions to the game. Also, on a personal sidenote, PLEASE add the allowed additional 50 Achievement points to your level editor or next DLC pack - it gives us even more incentive Laughing

Overall this game has put a brilliant first impression on me as I expected - I'm a complete Xbox Live Arcade lover and this is going to be one of my most played titles as I try and complete the leves in faster times and with higher scores!


These are just lazily written thoughts haha! I will link you to our full review of Eeks: Chowdown when it's up!
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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 4:48 am
The game has the exact same charm as the PC version - Fantastic!!

All i can say is about the future for Eets:Chowdown, and the need for a level editor.

The level editor on the PC version is brilliant, its simple yet the combinations and possibilities are almost endless. If you could get a level editor out for Chowdown then this is going to be an even greater game and will be extremely popular on the arcade.
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