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   "eets a wonderful life"
Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:41 am
I know that Eets is a comparably old game and understandably no further updates are planned.
But hear me out.

There is a rather simple way to get a few additional sales on Steam without lowering the price or much work.

Simply add Steamworks achievements to the Steam version of Eets. Steamworks is free and very easy to develop with and Eets already has its own achievements in place. All it has to do is trigger a Steamworks achievement whenever an Eets achievement is unlocked. That shouldn't really be more than a days work with proper testing and the ROI might well be worth it.

There is a surprisingly big number of self proclaimed "achievement whores" that buy basically any game that is released or updated with achievements. And Eets would once again appear in the Valve newsfeed that is read by thousands of people. Very Happy
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   "Myah!~ =^_^="
Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:31 pm
Seeing the above post gave me a Happy Marsh Bud and made me Very Happy. I was about to start a thread on the topic myself...

I had thought about this as I played Eets (I bought it as part of the Steam Weekend Special - though, in all honesty, I would've bought it as soon as I had the money for the full price, since the demo had me hooked)... While I may not call myself an "achievement whore" (don't ya think that's a bit harsh, Gott?), I do get a kick from seeing my accomplishments up on my Community Page and comparing them to my friends... there have been times we've bought games just to compete (of course enjoying the game on its own merits in the process), and I've made at least one impulse buy over Steam just because it featured tracking your Achievements over Steamworks...

This idea of retrofitting Steamworks has been implemented by several games on Steam not made specifically for the platform (Ninja Reflex and The Wonderful End of the World being two notables), and I personally know, at least in the case of the latter mentioned, that it has increased sales. Not to mention, as Gott said, such an update would put Eets back in the newsfeed and would, combined with the weekend price slash, push sales of a game that everyone should buy, play, and love. ('Cuz, I mean, how could you play it and not love it? It's addicting, it makes you think, and Eets is so adorable... Mr. Green)

While I won't place words in Steam's mouth, Steamworks needs all the support from third parties it can get to become "standard", including (if not especially) that of indie groups such as yourselves. ('Cuz Ubisoft and the like are too busy counting their pennies to implement it in their games or even release updates, despite clamor from fans...) With that being said, thank you so much for making Eets, it's a game I know I'll keep playing long after I've finished all the puzzles once through! (I just found the Super Big Level Trophy List... time to get to work!)

P.S.: Maybe instead of having just an Achievement of "Finish 1 level with at least one item remaining" like in the Trophy Room, you could have:
One item left: Ach. at 1, 30, 60, and 90 levels
Two items left: Ach. at 1, 20, 40, and 60 levels
Three items left: Ach. at 1, 10, 20,and 30 levels
Of course, the Achievements would be patterned after the Trophy Room in full... it would just be a nice incentive to increase replay value and get people motivated to break those puzzles! Twisted Evil Mr. Green
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